Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Next One

I found the next one!  I was so excited to blog about it that I downloaded the blogger app and posted from my phone.

I am going to make a kitchen app.   My wife and I have always complained that we have yet to find an app the stores recipes locally and in the cloud.  Not only that, but what about picking a recipes or set of recipes and pumping those ingredient automatically into a grocery list.  A list that I can see on my phone to use when I go grocery shopping after work.  Why isn't there an app where I can build meal plans for the week? And why stop at recipes? Why not throw a kitchen timer in there and a units converter and a dictionary.  And why I have all of this in a fun easy to use app on my phone or tablet?

There will be such an app for android.  And I am going to make it.

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