Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On to the Next One...

Everything is a learning experience.  Whether an event is good or bad, you should learn from it.  My most recent learning event was just this weekend.  In my previous post I stated that I was going to make a RAGBRAI app.  I was solving a problem in my life that I thought others would like to have solved as well.

Just a few short hours later I had a comment on my post.  Sweet I thought, someone showed some interest.  Not so much.  The comment eluded that I would run in to trouble with the Register like the last guy that tried to make an app.  Great...

So I emailed the RAGBRAI director to ask if he was interested in seeing what I had offer.  His reply was short and sweet.  "Thanks... new app coming very soon...".  DOAH!!  I was too late.  Not only that, I had spent 4 months prior working on the app.  It was feature complete and ready to go.  Then I thought, just sit and wait.  Maybe their app will be less than stellar and you could re-propose your app as a better solution.

Not a day later I received my regular RAGBRAI email.  Reading through the email, there was some sweet stuff about the bands coming to Iowa and then I hit the bottom.  MapMyRide.com is doing the app!!  That immediately dashed all of my hopes.  I have been using MapMyRide for months now.  It is pretty sweet.  I use it to map a ride on their website and then it tracks your ride via GPS to give you all your stats and the path your took.  It is a great tool.  My only issue with the app was that as the app tracked more of my location and mapped that out on a map, my Droid X became increasingly slower.  This is an issue with Google Maps I believe since GM has to redraw the route ever time a new piece of the route comes in or the map is panned.  Otherwise, this app is pretty sweet.

So congrats MapMyRide.  I hope you live up to high expectations and give us a great RAGBRAI app.  As seen in the email to the right, the app should be due in the Android Market on July 5th.

In the words of Jay-Z...  On to the next one...

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