Friday, June 24, 2011

A Starting Point

Every great company starts with a good idea.  A solution to a problem that eventual others will pay for.  A year ago about this time my wife and I were on RAGBRAI.  Being the driver, I had to do a lot of navigation between towns and knowing where things are like campsites, bathrooms, showers and food stands.  Between paging through the daily newspapers, deciphering printed out maps and searching out wifi to look at town website, I got a little frustrated.  Why couldn't there be one spot for all this important information that would benefit the rider and the driver?
After purchasing an Android device shortly after, I felt the smartphone was the perfect platform for building a mobile one stop shop for RAGBRAI information.  In future posts I am going to taut the features and benefits for why they needs to download the Official RAGBRAI app.


  1. Last guy that was developing an Ragbrai app got a cease and desist letter from Register. You might want to do a little checking before putting much time into the development of this app.

  2. That is in the plan. I will be having discussion with the director before I do anything. Thanks for the heads up.