Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Keep it Simple Stupid

Ultimate Kitchen Gadget.  That is actually a mouth full.  Easy to say, but that's pretty long for an Android app name.  It definitely does not fit within the width of an app icon.  You could shorten it to UKG, but then no one knows what the heck it is.

So I need to boil the name of this app down even further.  What are you actually doing when you use this app?  The users will more than likely be cooking, planning or grocery shopping.  All simple actions, but they don't really sound like good app names.  But I want an app name that means action.  The user should know instantly what the app is good for and what they should be doing when using the app.

I will call the app:  COOK.

Simple.  All encompassing.  This app is really supposed to enhance the users ability to cook great tasting, beautiful food and not interfere with the process.

Look for more info on COOK coming soon.

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